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First time?

This is a step by step instruction on how to buy bAKITA with Metamask.

01 - Download Metamask

Go to Metamask and load the app. Follow the in-app-tutorial, log in and get started. Don't forget to write down your private pass-phrase (don't lose it!).

02 - Buy BNB

Get some BNB at your preferred exchange.

03 - Transfer to Metamask

Copy your Metamask adress and transfer BNB to your wallet.

04 - Connect to PancakeSwap

Find the official bAKITA contract address here (copy contract on top left corner) and connect your wallet to PancakeSwap.

05 - Swap

Select From here in PancakeSwap: BNB; To: Paste in official bAKITA contract address and click import. Put in the BNB-amount you wish to swap. Make sure you got enough BNB for the transaction fee (edit the fee to make sure transaction runs smoothly).

06 - Add liquidity

If you wish, add liquidity to the BNB-bAKITA pair on PancakeSwap.